Mon 28 Jun 2021

airCloud Home makes Hitachi Air Conditioners Smarter for the Smart Home! 

Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning keeps moving forward in the area of controls by IoT. New functionalities have been added in the airCloud Home app, all with one objective in mind: Helping consumers enjoy more comfort and savings, effortlessly. The new offering is now ready to be rolled out globally.  


Smart-Fence: Comfort and Energy Savings as Users come and go


With the new Smart-Fence Feature, airCloud Home provides comfort, energy savings and peace of mind. Users can set the Smart-Fence as per their preferences, including their home’s fence perimeter distance and thermal comfort temperature. 


When users are coming home – Welcoming atmosphere. The air conditioner automatically turn on and helps cool down/warm up selected rooms. 


When users go away from home – Ensures energy savings: The air conditioner automatically turns off or adopts a pre-selected economic temperature. Users will no longer worry about mistakenly leaving the AC on when they go out of the house.   


Energy Cost Estimator to control utility expenses*


airCloud Home’s latest improvements also features an exhaustive energy cost estimator. It includes the tracking of AC operation and consumption, monthly/weekly/daily comparison and, most of all, a budget management tool. Based on the user’s utility tariff plan2 and budget, airCloud Home can estimate the amount spent, and send notification when estimated expenses are approaching the budget’s ceiling.   


By coupling the usage of the Energy Cost Estimator together with the intuitive scheduling and Smart-Fence functionalities, airCloud Home can help reduce the energy bill by cutting unnecessary air conditioning. It will benefit to the users and the environment.  



App format enabling more intuitive controls 


With 21 languages available in its interface, airCloud Home serves to enhance Hitachi air conditioners’ controls user experience. The variety of shapes, graphs, colors...etc, makes using air conditioning features easier than ever. Schedule and timer functions are made easy to use rather than through a complex way of accessing these features from the normal remote control. All users, from beginners to experienced, can use airCloud Home to optimize their indoor comfort and savings.  


An unlimited number of Hitachi air conditioners and locations can be connected, with access sharable with the user’s entire family.  


In additional, IoT connectivity of Hitachi air conditioners make them compatible with voice-control assistants. Hitachi air conditioners have been approved within the Google Smart Home ecosystem and airCloud Home is also compatible with Amazon Echo smart speakers.  


More Hitachi smart air conditioners in 2021 


Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning will keep reinforcing its offer of smart air conditioners in the next few years. All upcoming Inverter Hitachi Cooling & Heating mini-splits will be designed to be IoT-ready, opening the option of control via smartphone** all over the world. 


“Hitachi mini-splits have been long recognized for their high quality and superior energy efficiency. Now, we want to capture the more digitally-savvy customers, who use smartphone apps for everything, from restaurant booking to health monitoring. Now we can say that Hitachi air conditioners do not only deliver great comfort, but they’re also smart and convenient” says Norio Takahashi, Director, Product Management Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning’s Global Room-Air Conditioners.  


Learn more about the benefits of airCloud Home here. 



*Energy Cost Estimator is available in selected air conditioner models, not available in some regions. 

**The availability of optional Wifi adapter and smartphone app ‘airCloud Home’ (or local equivalent app) vary per country. Please confirm the local offerings with your local Hitachi Cooling & Heating representative. 


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