Tue 27 Apr 2021

Hitachi Cooling & Heating wins two Red Dot Awards 2021

The Red Dot Design Award is a distinction that is reserved for the best in design and business, presented by Red Dot, an association that is internationally recognized as a seal of excellence.  


We are thrilled to announce that two of our recently launched products have been honored by Red Dot in 2021.  

  • The Silent-Iconic™ 4-way cassette design panel 
  • Advanced Color Wired Controller 

Our Silent-Iconic™ 4-way cassette design panel was presented with the Red Dot: Best of the Best [2021] award in product design, the highest accolade in the competition. The design panel is celebrated for identifying the gap for HVAC products that don’t disrupt the interior design of spaces whilst remaining cost effective, which is often why cassette-type units are preferred over concealed ducted units. This led to the development of the Silent-Iconic™ 4-way cassette design panel, a contemporary design product with a premium finish.  


The project is led by Senior Designer, Tomohiko Sato of Hitachi, Ltd, who invites us to learn more about the process to creating Silent-Iconic™: 

“It’s a huge honor to receive such a prestigious award like the “Red Dot: Best of the Best [2021]”. On behalf of all the team members involved with the Silent-Iconic project, I express my gratitude. I sincerely hope this great award creates the opportunity to forge better communication with our customers, greater recognition and the ongoing success of this product. Once again, I’d like to reiterate my thanks to everyone. It truly is wonderful!” -  Tomohiko Sato, Senior Designer of Hitachi, Ltd.  


Also presented with a Red Dot award is our Advanced Color Wired Controller, the newest member to join the VRF Controls family and the first to present the new Hitachi Cooling & Heating design approach to VRF control user interface. Its sophisticated aesthetics with simple, intuitive controls, and engaging pictograms and graphs, combine to offer masterful control over a room’s climate. 



Hitachi Cooling & Heating continuously strives to deliver excellence in all that we do, looking to develop and sustain innovative ideas that positively impact the way that we interact with the environments around us. These advances are made with professionals, business owners and the consumer in mind.  


When they are recognized by internationally recognized associations that represent excellence in design and business, it gives our efforts even more purpose. For that, we thank Red Dot for the two awards.


Learn more about the Silent-Iconic™ 4-way cassette design panel, here.
Get a better understanding of the Advanced Color Wired Controller, here.  


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