Mon 17 May 2021

Mini-Splits Now Available in North America

MILWAUKEE – (May 17, 2021) - Hitachi’s new line of mini-split systems employs the latest technologies to maximize comfort and ensure healthy indoor air.

  • An intelligent human sensor system monitors and responds to the environment to provide continuous comfort.
  • Temperature and humidity levels are controlled when set to dehumidification model.
  • User-friendly airCloud Home app puts control in the palm of the homeowner’s hand and is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, enabling voice control when hands are full.
  • Innovative FrostWash technology ensures indoor air is fresh and clean by eliminating dust, bacteria, and mold.



Vector DC Inverter Technology


Hitachi mini splits feature vector DC inverters to achieve high performance energy efficiency. These inverters cool with maximum capacity at start-up, then automatically slow down and operate at minimum capacity to maintain room temperature at a comfortable level. This reduces energy consumption by up to 62%* compared to non-inverter levels.


A special microchip that is pre-loaded with the compressor’s data will constantly monitor its operation while running. This helps the unit to adjust the amount of energy needed by sending accurate instructions to the compressor to achieve the optimal rotation speed and avoid unnecessary power waste.


A system for every application


Hitachi mini splits are flexible, easy to install, and offer a wide range of sizes to make it easy to specify the perfect solution for your project. A cooling-only lock function prohibits heat when used in ambient cooling applications. Single-zone systems are available in 115V or 208/230V with capacities ranging from .75 to 3 tons. Multi-zone systems can accommodate up to 5 zones with 208/230V and capacities ranging from 1.5 to 3.5 tons.


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*RAS-VX13CJ (Eco Mode) compared with a Hitachi Cooling & Heating 1.5HP non-inverter model (Cooling Mode). Power consumption based on cumulative power consumption after 8 hours of operation. Room temperature at start: 35°C, Set temperature: 25°C, Fan Speed: Auto, Testing Condition: Three people in the room. Level of activity at 2.5m from the indoor unit estimated to be 1.0 metabolic equivalents (reading, etc.). Three people in separate locations in the room during the daytime with the curtains closed to cut the amount of sunlight to a low level. Ambient temperature lower than the set temperature.


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