Mon 15 Feb 2021

Introducing the airChallenge game

We're excited to share airChallenge, the new online game that combines strategy and air conditioning to play on desktop or smartphone. The challenge is to help our protagonist, Margaret, keep her family stay as comfortable and as healthy as possible at home by controlling the air conditioning. But it’s not as simple as it sounds. Extreme weather has made the climate unpredictable, and with each family member having their own preferred air conditioning settings, it’s down to you to use the air conditioner’s functions and features to find the perfect balance between comfort, health and power consumption. Play it here now or read on to learn more about the project. 



airChallenge was created as a vehicle through which to educate homeowners about the technology that Hitachi Cooling & Heating products offer; from standard functionalities like cooling, heating and fan modes, through to our recently released features like FrostWash, airCloud and Smart fence. The game has given us the opportunity to share a selection of our incredible products via a fun, colorful and challenging medium that is also the first of its kind.


The gameplay is spread across 4 levels, all of which feature 3 rounds, each one more difficult than the other. airChallenge requires players to act fast and beat the clock if they want to make it into the rankings. The rankings display both regional and global results and there is also the chance to earn specialized certifications as you learn more functions. 


play ac game airchallenge by Hitachi


airChallenge is our first adventure into the gaming world and we are truly excited for you to play it. 


A dedicated landing provides more details about the game, which can be accessed here, but we suggest you jump right into it and have a go of the game. You can play it on your desktop or smartphone, here. 



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